Blarney Brawl Athletes

Division: Blarney Brawl Female Team Rx

This threeway thou

Team Smoke

Crossfit South-Central Girls

Lez Be Honest

Mason Sisters

Straight Outta On-Ramp

Flex Appeal

Trap Queens

Ménage Wod

Division: Blarney Brawl Male Team Scaled

Sweaty Coconuts

Blood, Sweat and Beers

Hook & Irons

Grumpy Old Men

Hands up, pants down

Two and a half men

Abs like Seymour

Clean It Before You Jerk It

Division: Blarney Brawl Female Team Scaled


3 Peas in a WOD

Buns n Guns

Gym Class Heroes


Squat, Crackle and Pop


2 Talls and a Grande

Chalk dirty to me

Built By Jesse

Our Snatches are Clean

Better Without (wall) Balls

Kill The Quit

Cat Snatch Fever

Girls gone Scaled

Chalk Blockers

Archangels of Death and Destruction

Fiore Fam

Mumma Bear & Her Cubs

Swole Patrol

Buck Furpees

Vicious and Delicious

Division: Blarney Brawl Male Team Rx

3 Guys and a Bar

Three The Hardway

Quattro Dermis

Rents Due

Less Talkin More Chalkin

Team Rawesome

Red Island Team OMG

Just the kip


Practice safe sets

C.D.J. Grow


The Three Pennanteers

Bros Before Rows